Medical Wire & Equipment Product Lines:

Transwabs®:  The original and still leading transport swabs of choice with rayon buds, choice of shafts, and M40 standard media for reliable specimen collection and transport. Transwab Brochure

Dryswabs™:  Suitable for many procedures, including the new molecular techniques (ELISA, PCR, etc.). There is a choice of shaft- standard plastic, fine plastic, straight wire, flexible twisted wire, even traditional wood; they can be short, standard, long (and very long!), and buds can be rayon, Dacron®, cotton, calcium alginate, or nylon brush. Dryswab Brochure

Microloops™:  Microloops® and Microstreakers®, in standard or calibrated formats, are reliable and accurate for the measurement and transfer of small volumes and microbiological material. Microloops® & Microstreakers® are available in fast cooling Nichrome™ wire, or in ultra-durable platinum, while Microloops® D are the sterile disposable plastic version. Microloop/Microstreaker Brochure

Virocult®:  Virocult® continues as the leading and preferred transport device for viral specimens. Virocult Brochure

Specimen Containers: All our Specimen Containers made from virgin polypropylene for visibility and safety, available in 3 convenient sizes, 27ml, 60ml, & 110ml. Polycon® is our general purpose container, Boricon® with boric acid is best for urines, and Fecon® with its spoon (loose or fixed) is for fecal specimens. Specimen Containers Brochure

Laboratory Products: Microrings®, Rapid Strip Tests™, Coag Test™, and Bactiuristrips™ are used for various microbiological identification and enumeration procedures. Microrings, Rapid Strip Tests, Coag Test and Bactiuristrips Brochure

Viabank™ is our bead storage system for bacteria. Viabank Brochure

Lab Bags™ are tough, high temperature autoclave bags, and Odormycin® deals with the smell! Odermycin Brochure

Amnicators®:  Amnicators® are the method of choice for the easy and rapid detection of amniotic fluid as a sign of prematurely ruptured fetal membranes during pregnancy (PROM). Amnicators Brochure

Food & Environmental Testing: Isolation Transwabs® are easy-to-use swab tests for the detection of Listeria, Coliforms and general microbial contamination. QC Plates™ and DipKits® use conventional agar culture for the identification and quantification of pathogenic microorganisms. Polywipes™and Steriswabs™ are premoistened for convenient sampling of large or small areas. NRS™ Transwabs® include neutralising rinse solution for the sampling of disinfected surfaces. Listeria Isolation Transwab Brochure

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